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Canon Pixma TS6320

Canon TS6320 Driver

Pixma TS6320 printer is perfectly designed for the busy printing need. The LED screen allows easy navigation for simple and quick setup. It comes with the Auto Expandable Output Tray for smooth paper handling as well as printing. For smart printing, it supports Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection. To enjoy the full potential of the printer, complete the Canon TS6320 driver download and install.

Canon TS6320 First Time Printer Install

If you are new to printing, then take a look at this section to unpack your Pixma TS6320 printer. It is pretty simple if you have the printer manual ready to proceed with the setup.

  • Initially, remove all the packaging stuff over your printer box.
  • Then, grab out the printer with both hands.
  • Next, place the printer only on the flat surface.
  • Now, look for the nearby power source to connect the power cable.
  • Next, hold the loose end to attach with the printer back.
  • Once you have linked the cable, press the power button to turn it on.
  • The pack also includes the standard ink cartridges.
  • Now, remove the plastic tape on the cartridges and install them into the slots.
  • After that, choose a bunch of compatible papers to mount on your printer tray.
  • Finally, install the drivers and print the documents from the computer.

Canon TS6320 Driver Download

Driver download is the essential step that you need to complete after the hardware setup. Depending on the OS platform that you have selected, download and install the newly released printer drivers. For further expert driver assistance, connect with us. We can assist in installing the printer drivers based on the Operating System of the computer.

Canon TS6320 Driver Installation for Win 10

Start the driver download for your Pixma TS6320 printer to connect with your Windows device. Here are the instructions to continue with the driver download process. First, check the OS version on the Windows computer.

  • Initially, switch on the printer along with the computer.
  • Then, visit the printer driver download page and key in the OS and printer model.
  • Now, the page displays the printer drivers that you want to download for the printer.
  • Next, click on the Download option and proceed to the Canon TS6320 driver download.
  • Now, wait for the driver file to download on the computer.
  • Once downloaded, install the driver with the installation wizard.
  • After installing the driver, wait until you get the connection mode screen.
  • Then, select the connection mode as Wireless or USB on the connection screen.

Finally, complete the onscreen instructions for the successful driver download.

Canon TS6320 Driver Installation for Mac

The drivers act as an interfacing program between the printer and Mac. On downloading the printer driver, your printer gets the add-on features for printing and other functionalities. Below are the instructions for downloading the current version of the Pixma TS6320 printer driver.

  • Initially, keep your Pixma TS6320 printer and computer in the ready state.
  • Then, proceed to use the CD if you the authentic driver CD.
  • Firstly, load your disc on the computer and let it display the software wizard.
  • Now, run the setup file with the instructions on the screen.
  • Sometimes, you need to run or install the software setup file manually using the prompts.
  • In case of using the link for driver download, go to the driver page.
  • Then, select the basic (essential) or full driver with the printer number and OS.
  • After that, continue to install the required setup file using the onscreen instructions.
  • Finally, choose the connection type before you add the printer to the Mac list.

Canon TS6320 Wireless Setup

For enabling the wireless connection, follow the steps given below. The Canon TS6320 wireless setup starts with the Easy Wireless Connect setup on your printer and ends with installing drivers and software on the computer.

Steps for Easy Wireless Connect setup: 

  • Initially, click and hold down the second option from the panel. Release the button once you get the “Processing” screen.
  • The printer gets connected to the available networks. Now, move on to your computer to download the setup file.

Downloading and installing the Pixma TS6320 printer driver:

  • Initially, turn on the computer and choose the Start Setup option to run the driver file.
  • Before you continue, go through the network security details and choose the Next option.
  • Then, you get the software agreement for reference. Please read it carefully.
  • Once read, click on Yes to allow the software to run on the computer.
  • Next, the service terms for your Canon appear on the screen. Here, choose the “Agree” or “Do not Agree” option.
  • If you have selected the “Do not agree” option, it redirects to the information page.
  • Next, please read it and click on the OK option to get the connection screen.
  • Here, confirm the connection mode and enter the network details if necessary.
  • Finally, follow the driver installation instructions.