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Canon Pixma TR8520

Canon TR8520 Driver

The Canon TR8520 wireless printer is one of the best solutions for complete office printing needs. This printer has complete features in a compact box. Also, with the smart tanks, now print endlessly for up to 2 years. What’s more? Printer offers the best connectivity features with this printer, even to print wireless without an external network.

Canon TR8520 First Time Printer Install

Pixma TR8520 connect printer setup is an important process after you buy the new printer. Here you can avail the complete manual for Pixma TR8520 along with the Canon printer driver. Now, complete the TR8520 setup easy with the instructions below:

  • To begin with, take the brand new Canon TR78520 printer out of the packing.
  • Then, clear the packing foams, cards, and tapes from the printer surface.
  • After that, install the tanks and load the papers that come in the box with the printer.
  • Then, Pixma TR8520 to both the network and the devices either with the cable or the wireless mode.
  • After that, install the suitable Canon TR8520 driver and software to complete the Pixma TR8520 printer setup.
  • Here is the list of Windows and OS versions that are supported by the Pixma 8520 printer.
  • Windows OS version: Windows 7 Service pack 1, 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • MAC OS version: MAC OS X 10.10 to macOS 10.12.

Canon TR8520 Driver Download

Pixma TR8520 printer driver download is now easy with the instruction manual. To complete the Pixma TR8520 driver download, all you need is the latest driver file, or the Pixma TR8520 setup file from the box. Then, run the Driver installer and follow the instructions prompted on the installation wizard screen.

Canon TR8520 Driver Installation for Win

Now, Pixma TR8520 driver download is simple with the complete instructions and the latest driver file. You may choose the CD or the driver download page to get the Pixma TR8520 printer driver. Here are the instructions to install the latest Pixma TR8520 printer driver for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.

  • To begin with, connect the Pixma TR8520 to a computer and network with either mode.
  • Then, run the TR8520 setup file and initiate the Pixma TR8520 printer driver download.
  • Now, you can see the basic steps to proceed with the driver installation process.
  • Then, on the connection screen, choose the connectivity mode depending on the connection between Pixma TR8520, the network, and the computer.
  • Finally, from the list of all available Canon TR8520 driver for your Windows OS version, choose the ones you need.
  • Here, you may also get the full software package. After choosing the Canon TR8520 software and drivers, complete the installation.

Driver Installation for Mac

Pixma TR8520 is compatible with a few MAC OS versions, including MAC OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), and 10.12 (Sierra). Here are the complete instructions for the complete Canon TR8520 driver download for your MAC device. You can complete the Canon TR8520 driver and software download with the Setup CD from the box or with the file online.

  • Firstly, run the installation CD or the installer file downloaded from the internet.
  • Then, run the installation wizard and follow the series of instructions on the screen to go to the connection type screen.
  • Here, select the connection mode accordingly and download the basic or the full pack driver file to your MAC.
  • Then, the driver takes you to the driver installation page where you can choose either the basic or the full package drivers.
  • After that, on the software screen, choose the required software and install it on your MAC computer.

Canon TR8520 Wireless Setup

The Canon TR8520 Wireless setup is easy with the complete set of Pixma TR8520 Software for Wireless setup. Now you can get the Canon TR8520 wireless software from either the CD or the driver page. Here, you get the complete set of Pixma TR8520 Wireless setup with devices.

Prepare Pixma TR8520 for wireless setup:

  1. Firstly, check for the Pixma TR8520 setup CD in the pack and run the installer file.
  2. Then, follow the setup steps to proceed with the setup.
  3. Now, the wizard takes you to the connectivity setup screen.
  4. Here you can see a number of connection options like Cableless setup, USB setup, and Access point setup.
  5. You may choose either one of these to complete the Pixma TR8520 Connect printer setup process.

Cableless Setup:

  • Connect Pixma TR8520 to the same Wifi network as your Windows or MAC computer.
  • Here, simply verify the Wifi name and the password on the wizard screen to confirm the connection.

USB Setup Mode:

  • Here, establish a secure USB connection between the TR8520 and the computer temporarily.
  • Then, add the printer to your home network and the computer with the Wifi details

Access Point mode:

  • Access Point setup changes your Pixma TR8520 printer to a completely new access point.
  • Also, it disconnects the devices from the existing wireless networks.
  • Then, it gives the printer SSID and Password to connect them.