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Canon Pixma TR7520

Canon TR7520 Driver

Meet all your printing need with the Pixma TR7520 wireless printer. Now, you can enjoy convenient printing with the Canon TR7520 driver download. Moreover, you can print directly from any Could device. Also, the printer is compatible with printing from all sorts of devices through wifi, Cloud Print, AirPrint, and USB.

Canon TR7520 First Time Printer Install

For full printer functionality and better outcomes, you need to complete the Canon TR7520 printer setup without error. Here are the steps for the initial printer setup, which include the device hardware setup.

  • Initially, peel off the additional tapes present over the box.
  • Then, pull out your new Pixma TR7520 printer and keep it on the steady table.
  • Next, take out all the accessories that you got with the printer box.
  • Now, grab the power cord and link it to the back of the printer.
  • Then, connect the other end to the selected wall outlet.
  • After the secure connection, switch on your Pixma TR7520 printer.
  • Now, unpack the cartridges to secure them in the respective ink slots.
  • Ensure that color and black cartridges are inserted only on their respective slots firmly.
  • Finally, load the unused papers in the tray and align the paper guides.

Canon TR7520 Driver Download

The printer driver is the one that activates the printer hardware to work with your computer’s OS. The OS comes into the picture to confirm the platform support before you connect to the printer. To download the Canon TR7520 driver, here are the complete instructions.

Canon TR7520 Driver Installation for Win 10

Driver – A piece of software program that manages all the printing activities. The documents saved on the Windows can be printed only with the presence of the Pixma TR7520 printer driver. To download and print hassle-free, follow our right steps for the Pixma TR7520 printer driver download.

From CD,

  • To begin with, keep the CD ready by removing it from the cover.
  • Now, pull out the CD tray gently and push it after positioning the disc.
  • Wait until the PC detects the disc. If the AutoPlay screen is not visible, from the Windows option, reach the My Computer screen.
  • Then, find the driver and double-tap to open and install the Pixma TR7520 printer driver.

From the setup page,

  • For this method, complete the printer wireless setup and reach the Setup page.
  • Next, download the available Canon TR7520 driver.
  • Finally, accept the Pixma TR7520 service terms and install them.

Driver Installation for Mac

The TR7520 printer driver is available on both the installation disc as well as the website. The only difference is that the CD has only the basic drivers, whereas the website can offer multiple drivers to print from your favorite devices. Enjoy the hassle-free driver download using the steps below.

From CD,

  • Using the CD is the easiest way to download Canon TR7520 driver.
  • Firstly, install the new CD into the computer and watch if it recognizes the CD.
  • Note: The CD is recognized only when the Automatic Download option is enabled on the computer.
  • Now, look for the Run or Install option and select it.
  • Once the installation is over, edit the printer preferences as needed.

From the setup page,

  • Initially, reach the Pixma TR7520 driver page to figure out the full drivers.
  • Once you find it, click on the Download and allow it to install by accepting the displayed software agreement.
  • Finally, install the drivers using the online prompts and specify the connection when prompted.

Canon TR7520 Wireless Setup

To print or scan over the available wireless network, your device needs a stable wifi connection. It is simple to the wireless connection if you have a compatible set of drivers. Before starting this wireless setup, check the computer’s network connection. If the USB cable is used for the connection, then change it to the wireless connection. After changing it to the wifi, follow the steps below.

Procedure to enable the wireless connection on the Pixma TR7520 printer:

  • Initially, the selected computer or other devices should be in connection with the wireless network
  • Then, complete the basic hardware setup and turn on the Pixma TR7520.
  • After that, look for the Network Status button and press it gently.
  • Then, under the basic network information, choose the available LAN settings.
  • On the next screen, choose the Wireless LAN Setup Easy Connect.
  • By completing the above steps, your printer is connected to the wireless network.

Procedure to download and run the printer software:

Procedure to download and run the printer software:

  • Now, the computer screen pops up with the option Start Setup.
  • Here, click it and verify your product license agreement and click on Yes.
  • Then, select the router that you have connected with the printer.
  • Now, you get the prompt to type the network key.
  • Next, enter it as you mentioned for the wireless printer connection.
  • Finally, the online instructions guide you to a successful setup.