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Canon Pixma TS3522

Canon PIXMA TS3522 Driver

Canon PIXMA TS3522 is the Wireless All-in-one printer that works with simple and intuitive printing with simple setup handlings. Enjoy the wireless connect and other improved Wi-Fi setups with the compatible system connection. Make use of the Canon Official page to enjoy the complete printer features.

How to Download Canon PIXMA TS3522 Driver?

Take one step ahead with the Canon Printer driver download process using the Canon Official page support. Further, access through the on-screen instructions to finish the driver setup process. Now, use the given steps to start the Canon PIXMA TS3522 driver download process in Windows & Mac system devices.

Canon PIXMA TS3522 Driver for Windows

  • To start the driver download process, you need to connect the printer and system with any of the connectivity types.
  • Then, ensure the secured and stable network connection on the printer and its devices.
  • Enter the Canon Official page website keys to get the Canon driver setup page on the windows system.
  • On the upcoming screen, use the search tab and enter the printer keys to access the driver download page.
  • Next, try to choose the Driver & Software tab to bring out the compatible type and language prior.
  • Prior confirm with the driver software version and hit the download button. Try to relax until the Canon PIXMA TS3522 printer driver download process gets completed.
  • Save using the .exe extension while feeding to the windows. On the other hand, enable the Third-party to start the driver installation
  • Start the driver installation using the provided on-screen guidelines and start the flawless print work using the Canon PIXMA TS3522 driver setup on windows.

Canon Pixma G1220 Driver for Mac

  • Make use of the Canon Manual given to prearrange the printer and system for driver setup.
  • Pick any of the connectivity methods and link the printer and Mac system intact.
  • Browse through the Apple-supported web source-search tab using the essential printer keys.
  • Then, you need to pick the PIXMA TS3522 driver software by choosing the Drivers & Software tab.
  • Make sure with the drop-down menu to select the desired compatible type and Language.
  • Further, you need to hit the download button and relax until the procedure completes. Extract the desired driver file from the Mac folder.
  • Eventually, enable the Mac third-party page to begin the driver installation process.
  • If the installer prompts for Apple security keys, enter them to the relevant space.
  • Operate through the provided on-screen prompts and finish the Canon PIXMA TS3522 driver installation for Mac OS.

Canon PIXMA TS3522 First-time Setup

  • Initially, you need to place the printer box purchased on the flat-surface or separate table.
  • Make use of the sharp object to remove the excessive and protective covers.
  • Identify the printer bubble wrapper and remove it completely.
  • Take the provided Canon Manual to begin the canon printer setup using the printer accessories & print-enabled or compatible devices.
  • Otherwise, utilize the Canon Manual assistance to locate the ports and options to startup.
  • Then, open the printer’s input tray and load the quality paper sheets into it. Further, safely close the input tray access door and leave the output tray open to initiate the print work.
  • Try to unpack the new ink cartridges from the package and insert the ink cartridges into the slot until the click sound. 
  • Alter the needed printer startup settings and download the latest Canon PIXMA TS3522 driver software using the Official page of Canon on your desired compatible system.
  • Assign a print job and start the print work using the Canon PIXMA TS3522 printer setup.

Canon PIXMA TS3522 Wireless Setup

  • First, try to connect the devices like canon printer, wireless router, and compatible system nearby.
  • Ensure the stable Wi-Fi network connection and begin the network configuration with the user network settings.
  • Then, lift the wireless router near the printer setup to establish the best signal coverage during the printing work.
  • Further, access through the printer control panel to pick the options like setup menu > wireless option.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the router and relax until the configuration starts through the flash blinks.
  • Proceed with the printer settings after the wireless setup is recognized by the printer. Select the network settings from the network menu. You need to type the network password & user name to complete the procedure.
  • Wait until you notice the Wi-Fi configuration light on the printer and wireless router. Once you notice the printer-to-router communication starts, you can attempt the wireless printing work.
  • Assign the print task by selecting the document from the system and start using the Canon PIXMA TS3522 Wi-Fi setup.
  • Pick and enjoy the advanced wireless printing services available on the Canon PIXMA TS3522 printer.