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Canon Pixma MX512

Canon MX512 Driver

Pixma MX512 is a home office printer with built-in wifi. Through the available wifi, connect the device virtually and start printing. Before you print, ensure that you have completed the Canon MX512 driver download. Now, you can print your business document when and where you want.

Canon MX512 First Time Printer Install

Nowadays, it is tuff to run a business without a printer where lots of information shared every minute. Once you get the new printer, commence the setup as in the printer manual. For more manageable steps, refer below.

Pixma MX512 printer setup:

  • Initially, take away the Canon MX512 printer from the package.
  • Then, place the printer on the sturdy base.
  • Now, find the nearest electrical socket to access a steady power connection.
  • Next, plug in both the terminals to your Pixma MX512 and power slot.
  • After connecting to the proper slots, turn on your Pixma MX512 printer.
  • Now, press the Power button and keep it in the ready state.
  • Next, open the ink slot to attach the ink cartridge to the correct slots.
  • After all the cartridges are installed, install the papers in the paper slot.
  • For any queries regarding the initial printer setup, feel free to approach us.

Canon MX512 Driver Download

A computer and your printer cannot communicate with each other. For interfacing the device, you need to include the driver and software. A list of compatible drivers is displayed for your reference. Now, use our dedicated instructions to download and install the Pixma MX512 printer driver.

MX512 Driver Installation for Win

Know the importance of downloading the Pixma MX512 driver with the instructions given here. First, make sure that your Pixma MX512 is installed with papers and ink tanks. After verifying everything, start the driver download process.

Compatible Win OS for the Pixma MX512 printer:
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8 & 7 (32-bit as well as 64-bit)

  • From the existing CD and the direct link method, select the method you want to proceed with.
  • If a CD is selected, make sure it is the original CD by the manufacturer.
  • Then, insert the CD after unpacking it into the CD slot.
  • Now, go through the instructions as prompted and move the driver package to the computer.
  • If you rely on the direct link method, ensure the availability of the network.
  • Once verified, you are good to download the Pixma MX512 printer driver.
  • Once you download the driver, install the Pixma MX512 printer software.

MX512 Driver Installation for Mac

The following section is exclusive for the Mac users who want to connect their Pixma MX512 printer. According to every Mac OS version, Pixma offers a series of MX512 printer driver. With the space available in the Mac, proceed to download your Pixma MX512 driver.

Compatible Mac OS for the MX512 printer:
Mac OS v10.9 and later OS versions
MX512 driver installation for Mac OS:

  • Firstly, identify which is the most suitable method to get access to the Pixma MX512 printer driver.
  • If no CD drive is found on the Mac, get the Pixma MX512 driver directly from the website.
  • In case of using the CD, put it in the particular tray and wait for the installation screen.
  • Now, proceed with the onscreen instructions that import the printer driver.
  • On the other hand, choose the Canon MX512 driver directly.
  • Then, download the drivers after you choose and install them when it is prompted.

Canon MX512 Wireless Setup

You must know the setup needs or requirements before you commence the wireless setup. This guide helps you regarding the procedures to practice for the Canon MX512 wireless setup.

Wireless Setup using the standard setup method:

  • The manual wireless LAN method needs the following information before you continue. Refer below and keep the following details ready.
  • Initially, determine the network name (SSID) or access point name.
  • Also, get the password for the network to avoid unauthorized connection.
  • Next, ensure the active internet connection for the computer.
  • Then, close the running programs on the computer before you start the installation.

Pixma MX512 wireless setup:

  • Initially, disconnect the USB cable connected to the computer before you load the CD.
  • Then, choose the Setup icon on the CD folder and press the Download option.
  • When the CD driver download is completed, click on the Next option.
  • Now, click on the Network Connection and then choose Wireless Connection.
  • Next, find out the Other Methods option to choose from and select the Standard setup.
  • After that, type the network details and choose the Next option.
  • Now, the software installation screen appears for reference.
  • Finally, install the software from the CD according to the shown instructions.