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Canon Pixma MX452

Canon MX452 Driver

Both for the office and home, the PIXMA MX452 printer is the superior choice. Print and scan from compatible computers and mobile devices with wireless features. Now, enhance the print productivity on completing the Canon MX452 driver download. Get assistance for any Pixma MX452 to connect printer setup here.

Canon MX452 First Time Printer Install

Let’s know what you find inside the printer box. Below is the list of contents that comes in your printer box.

  • User guide, Network Setup guide, and CD-ROM
  • Ink cartridges
  • Power cable and telephone line cord

Unboxing and the power connection:

  • Initially, peel off the stickers to unbox and throw them in the garbage.
  • Then, shift a printer to the plain and safe place.
  • Now, refer to the above list and check if you have got all those contents.
  • Next, select the Pixma MX452 power cord to attach to the printer.
  • After that, connect the free end to your power socket.
  • After doing all this, power on and check if the power light glows.
  • Next, clear those wrappers that stuck on the cartridge.
  • Then, insert the color and black cartridges in the slots.
  • At last, grab out the built-in paper tray and clean the plastic stuff.
  • Finally, install the papers and print any sample page.

Canon MX452 Driver Download

Consider two important things to download, either basic software or full software. The first one is the basic OS version for the selected PC. The second is the purpose of printer usage. When you know these two details, it is a cakewalk to download Canon MX452 driver.

Canon MX452 Driver Installation for Win

The driver installation is responsible for the boosted printer performance when connected to Windows. It is not just about downloading the drivers. You have to import or copy the driver file to the Personal Computer. While downloading the drivers, be aware of the OS version. To start the driver installation, follow our easy steps

CD driver download:

  • Initially, obtain the Setup CD that was included with your MX452 printer.
  • Then, open the in-built CD-ROM tray and load the CD.
  • Now, the program on the CD-ROM automatically starts with the installer instruction.
  • Next, the displayed setup instruction leads you to software installation.
  • Finally, take a test print to verify if the Canon MX452 driver is installed.

Downloading drivers from the direct link:

  • You can always refer to this direct download method if no CD is available.
  • Firstly, open the browser to go to the Canon driver site.
  • Then, look out for the search tab to type Pixma MX452 as printer number and also the OS type.
  • After that, install the latest Pixma MX452 printer software.

Canon MX452 Driver Installation for Mac

When you try to download the matching MX452 driver, confirm that your computer has enough empty disc space. To speed up the MX452 software download, connect to the active network. If the CD is preferred, the network connection is not necessary.

CD driver download:

  • For the basic Pixma MX452 driver, you can utilize the setup CD from the vendor.
  • Clear the outer cover of the disc before inserting it into in your PC.
  • Now, please make sure the CD is not damaged and load it.
  • Let the program install automatically to import the drivers.
  • Lastly, choose the printer connection with the PC on the setup connection screen.

Importing Pixma MX452 printer driver from the link:

  • It is one such straightforward methodology for obtaining the recently updated drivers.
  • Choose the Canon MX452 driver according to the device specifications.
  • After the download, run the Pixma MX452 printer software.

Canon MX452 Wireless Setup

When you have decided to connect the Pixma MX452 to the wireless connection, then have a glance here. The following steps define the initial requirements needed for the network configuration.

Basic wireless connection requirements:

  • First, check the settings on the access point or the router before you begin.
  • Then, connect the PC to the wifi offered by your access point.
  • Also, ensure the security settings for the uninterrupted printer connection.
  • Next, identify the SSID and network key required for the network connection.
  • Finally, follow the instructions to complete the wireless setup.
  • Initially, switch on the computer and find its CD tray.
  • Then, get the Setup CD-ROM for software installation.
  • Now, load the Setup CD-ROM in the CD tray for the initial driver setup.
  • Then, go to My Computer and click the CD icon.
  • Next, double-click on the msetup4.exe file to install.
  • Installing the setup file leads to the Setup Guide screen.
  • Here, click on the wifi connection and go near the printer.
  • Next, turn on your Pixma MX452 printer and click the Next option on the setup guide.
  • On the next screen, click Connect to network – Device settings.
  • Then, choose LAN settings – Wireless LAN setup.
  • After that, choose the Other Methods, and then click on the “Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable.”
  • Finally, follow the instructions to complete the wireless setup.