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HP Printer Issues &  Troubleshooting Tips

Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers are popular among the other brands. They are most familiar with their reliability. However, still, sometimes they require time to time support and maintenance.

With HP printers, you may come across several issues that can result in the improper functioning of your printer. Considering this, here we are providing some tips that you can use for HP printer troubleshooting.

  1. Faded Print

This issue occurs due to any one of the below-given three conditions:

  • Printer becoming low on toner
  • The density of the print setting is too low
  • Economode printing is on.

For the second and third settings, the printer self-test will display all the current settings. Next, check whether the Economode is ON and off it. Then set the density of print as high.

Now, check whether the toner is low. If it is low, then remove the ink cartridge and shake it. It will redistribute the toner, which in turn can solve the problem temporarily. At this time, you can replace your ink cartridge.

  1. Printer Showing Error Message (50.4)

Some new HP LaserJet printers are showing this error message while connecting with the electric outlet. Thus, you may have to find HP printer troubleshooting methods to get rid of errors.

To resolve this, make sure that the printer is not in connection with the UPS. If connected, remove the USB cord and plug it into the electric outlet. However still, if the printer shows this message, check your printer to ensure proper printer setup.

If you are having an HP LaserJet Printer, then do not connect it to a UPS. It is because this can result in damage to UPS. It is due to the amount of power required to maintain warm in the fuser assembly.

  1. Paper Jams

Paper Jams are one of the most common problems associated with HP printers. This problem can occur due to more than one reason. In includes the paper is dirty, wrong paper use, rollers on the HP printer worn down, and a lot more.

To remove the dirty or wrong papers, clean the printer at a regular time interval. Replacing roller can be quite challenging. It depends on the HP printer models. For some printers, you can get access to the rollers. However, in some printer models, you may need to tear it down completely.

  1. Compatible Driver

Every printer driver is not suitable for every OS. The driver will change depending on the OS version. Consulting a printer manual can help you get the compatible drivers for your OS.

Without a compatible driver, you may experience printing problems with your HP problem.

  1. Ghosting

In Ghosting, the print will be proper, but there will be a lighter copy of the image as well. This issue may occur if the power outlet, which has a problem.

Thus, make sure that the power outlet is perfect. You can check this by connecting another printer to it. If the other printer also shows the same error, then change the outlet.

Ghosting can also occur when the replaceable printer parts are near to the end. Thus, check those printer parts and consider replacing it if necessary.

  1. 79 Error

Sometimes your HP Printer may show this error. This issue might be due to the network print server. In order to fix the error, you may require ways for HP printer bug fixing.

However, to fix this issue, access the printer server and click on the Start option. Choose the printer folder, open it, and ensure that no print jobs are pending.

Additionally, if any add-on component of your printer is damaged, then also this error can occur. The add-on component includes a RAM module or MIO card. In such a situation, remove all the add-ons. Then add one-by-one again and find out which one is having a problem.

  1. HP Printer Fails to Pick Papers from the Expected Tray

To solve this error, you have to check two places. One is on the printer, and the other is on your printing PC.

Check whether the application chooses printing to the wrong paper tray. If it is, then go to printer properties and find the source of Tray Selection. After that, select your expected paper tray.

  1. Unable to Print Envelopes

When it comes to HP Laser printers, envelopes may cause some problems. To avoid the issue, use envelopes that are near to 20-lb paper in thickness and weight. Moreover, the adhesive on it must have the ability to resist the heat coming from the fuser.


In the marketplace of printers, HP printers are well-known as reliable printers. However, you may experience some issues with these printers.

Whatever may be the issue with HP printers, this blog can be an asset for you. We have mentioned the most common problems and the methods for hp printer bug fixing.

If you want to fix or troubleshoot any other problem, then get in touch with our technical experts.

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