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Steps to connect your HP envy 5055 Printer to the Wi-Fi

Connecting the device and printer with your preferred Wi-Fi network is not a difficult task. You can do this process easily. Before explaining the steps for connection between your device and printer with Wi-Fi, we will see the step-by-step process of printer setup process, driver install and network setup.

Printer Unboxing

  • Open your printer box.
  • Take the printer out and keep it in a secured place.
  • Make sure that the printer is nearby the power port.
  • Remove all the inside and outside covering from the printer.

Connect Printer with the Power Port

  • Make sure that the power supply is perfect and secured.
  • Connect the printer with the power supply via a USB cable.
  • Switch on the power supply.
  • Turn on your HP envy 5055 printer.

Ink Cartridge Installation

  • Take the ink cartridges out from the printer box.
  • Clear off the coverings and tapes from the cartridges.
  • Open the cartridge access door.
  • Insert the suitable cartridges in the proper slot.
  • Close the access door of the cartridge.

Paper Setup

  • Open your HP envy 5055 printer paper tray.
  • Take compatible papers.
  • Place the papers in the tray in a proper and aligned way.
  • Close the paper tray.

HP Envy 5055 Driver Download and Installation

  • Power up your computer.
  • Get the printer driver compatible for your HP printer.
  • Download it on your computer.
  • Double-click the HP 5055 driver file to initiate the installation.
  • Continue with the envy 5055 installation process with the wizard instructions.

Connectivity Setup

  • While continuing with the installation process, a wizard will prompt for connectivity.
  • You’ll see wired, as well as wireless mode.
  • Choose the wireless mode of connection and proceed with the on-screen instructions.
  • Finish the setup process and try printing a paper.

Steps for Connecting the device and printer with Wi-Fi

Though we have mentioned the connectivity setup, you may feel doubt. Thus, we are listing out the detailed steps for wireless setup.

Step1: Turn on the printer and go to settings.

Step2: Scroll down and choose the option – wireless settings.

Step3: Tap the wireless setup and hold for some time.

Step4: The printer Wi-Fi will turn on. Now, wait till it configures.

Step5: After that, the printer will scan the nearby available networks.

Step6: Now, the available networks will show up on the printer screen.

Step7: Actuate the router connected with the wireless access point.

Step8: Check whether the auto-connect mode is in activated mode. If activated, the printer connects with your wireless network automatically.

Step9: If not activated, then the available network will appear on the panel.

Step10: Choose your preferred network from the list.

Step11: When the printer connects with a wireless network, a wizard pops up showing connection is successful.

Step12: The W-Fi light on the HP envy 5055 printer will become blue color.

How to set up a wireless network in Mac?

For this, you can make use of inbuilt wireless feature or AirPrint function.

Step1: Turn on your envy 5055 printer.

Step2: Tap the Wi-Fi icon given on the printer control panel.

Step3: On the wireless router and confirm that it is in connection with the Wireless Access Point.

Step4: Check the setting of the Access point and make sure that it is set to open.

Step5: Make sure that it has a strong internet connection.

Step6: Turn on your Apple device and enable Wi-Fi.

Step7: Ensure that it is a connection with your choose wireless network.


Step1: Unplug the USB cable from your envy 5055 printer.

Step2: Make sure that you have a secure and strong internet connection.

Step3: Turn on your printer and access its settings.

Step4: Go to Wireless settings option and scroll down.

Step5: Enable the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

Step6: Switch on your computer and enable the wireless option.

Step7: Wait until the printer gets connected with the device.

Step8: Finally, try to print a test page to ensure proper connection.

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